Early childhood educators deserve professional wages for professional work. Currently, early childhood educators are paid just $23 per hour. That equates to 64% of the average Australian salary [1].

On 8th March 2017, International Women’s Day, over 1000 early childhood educators walked off the job to demand higher wages [2].

Female dominated fields such as early childhood education pay significantly lower wages than male dominated fields, which contributes to the overall gender pay gap [3]. Increasing the wages in female-dominated fields would help close the gender pay gap.

The Big Steps campaign is fighting for wages which reflect the value of early childhood education. The campaign is run by United Voice, the union for early childhood educators.


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Sign up to support the Big Steps campaign here: http://www.bigsteps.org.au/

If you are an early childhood educator, join up to United Voice here: https://members.unitedvoice.org.au/. They will help fight for your right to a professional wage.

If you are a parent with children in child care, let your early childhood educators know you stand behind them and will support them in future industrial action.

Big Steps is looking for parents who have children in daycare to speak publically in support of the campaign. If you are willing to do this, contact them here: http://www.bigsteps.org.au/contact