Help us to raise the funds we need to make it all happen. Donations will go towards covering costs for future events.

The women’s march movement is truly a community effort and belongs to the people and is not part of any organization or corporate agenda. All the organizers of Women’s March Sydney are unpaid volunteers working tirelessly to put on events together.

Thank you to all of the individuals who generously reach into their pockets to help pay for the event costs like staging, PA systems, insurance, and materials. Thank you to the partners and sponsors who donate their time, equipment and their networks to help make our events huge successes. Thank you to the amazing group of volunteers. This movement can’t happen without you!  

Also, thank you to all who donated their time, money and resources for the global march on 21 January 2017!  
Thank you for marching on and supporting Women’s March Sydney!

Want To Stay Involved?

This march is the first step in building a grassroots progressive alliance spanning the globe. Together we, as individuals, groups and communities, will be the voice of a new global consciousness.

To grow the women’s march global movement, we ask you to help spread the message. The greater our numbers, the more powerful our voice.

This is an INCLUSIVE movement. EVERYONE who supports human rights is welcome: Women & Girls, Men & Boys, Families, People of Colour, Immigrants, LGBTQ Community, People with Disabilities, Climate Change Advocates, ALL religious communities. And, yes! Even you straight white men! Please join us – we are, as ever, stronger together.


We are honoured to have the support and guidance from so many individuals and groups across Sydney and from the Women’s March on Washington Global Team. We thank them for their support and look forward to marching with them in January.


udee have been actively involved in the co-organising of the Women’s March On Sydney, including various creative work comprising of art direction and design production for print, merchandise and web-based branded collateral. is a feminist-based feature website launched out of Sydney in early 2016. udee showcases and celebrates the work and lives of socially conscious female-identifying and gender fluid creatives. Comprising of a community of writers, activists and creators, udee is passionate about intersectional feminism, equality within the arts, and calling out toxic and patriarchal messages within the media.

Web design & development for the Women’s March On Sydney was provided pro bono by the Creative Director of The Cornucopia Show. is an independent, grassroots, not-for-profit, Oakland CA based podcast series that explores the The Cult, Culture & Business of Food. Created & hosted by Matt Levine and Jeremy Spiro-Winn in collaboration with Nicole Weedon, Creative Director.