The Women’s March was a worldwide protest against bigotry, misogyny, and discrimination that took place on the 21st January 2017.

The Women’s March was born in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. Upset and alarmed by the bigoted, sexist, and hateful rhetoric of his campaign, people took to the streets following his inauguration to show their support for those marginalised and threatened by regressive political agendas.

Across the world sister solidarity marches occurred in hundreds of cities across all seven continents. The Women’s Marches were a world-wide endorsement of equality, civility, and human rights. An estimated 5 million people marched that day, making the Women’s March the largest mass political protest in history to date.

Women’s March Sydney drew 10,000 concerned people who marched to raise our voices against sexism, bigotry, and racism. Check our march coverage for further details.

Women’s March Sydney has been working since March day to organise ongoing actions in support of equality, civility, and justice. We will not rest while regressive political platforms around the world continue to promote hatred, discrimination, and violence against any marginalised group.

Join us in our efforts and help us make the world a safer, more just, and civil place.

Our March Mission Statement

This is a peaceful protest march to raise our voices in solidarity with those marching in Washington DC and around the world. We march in support of equal rights. We march for fair and civil treatment of women, minorities and immigrants. We march against the hatred and bigotry that have been so tragically present in world politics this year. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone who is distressed and outraged by the recent political events in the US, and around the world, to voice their dissent against sexism, racism and bigotry.

This event is an INCLUSIVE event to present a united voice for human rights and human decency. We want to let the world know we’re here and we’re paying attention. This march is a reminder to everyone that the right to assemble, demonstrate, protest, and vote were hard-earned rights – rights that are still only guaranteed to citizens of free countries like Australia and the United States of America. Now is the time to exercise your rights


The Women’s March is a global movement. Though we are an ocean away, we are proud to stand in solidarity and show our support for our sisters and brothers  in Washington DC and around the world.

We are all are painfully aware that misogyny and bigotry are not just American problems. The effects of this election, and the movement that supported it, are having a ripple effect around the world.

Because we want to be a part of a global movement that stops this kind of thinking in its tracks, we are raising our voices against what we see as a dangerous political tenor that is both insidious and terrifying.

What’s Next?

Take the Women’s March Pledge to do these three simple things to make sure our voices heard in 2017. We cannot afford to be silent.

I promise to…
1. Volunteer in my community
2. Pay attention to what my elected officials are doing and speak out
3. Support women in the arts, business, sports, science and politics

And then tell your friends and family, in real life and through social media, that you are fulfilling the pledge to RAISE YOUR VOICE. Don’t forget to add #womensmarch to your post.

Women’s March Sydney is adopting the H.E.R.S. organizing framework to address critical issues that disproportionately affect women.

The H.E.R.S. Organizing Framework

Health – Healthcare is the foundation of women’s well-being and economic stability. Women’s March Sydney advocates for access to affordable and inclusive women’s healthcare regardless of nationality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Economic Security – Women are powerful drivers of economic growth, and their economic empowerment benefits all nations. Women’s March Sydney supports the dismantling of economic barriers that obstruct women’s full and equal access to local, national, and global economic systems.

Representation – Women are under-represented globally, adversely affecting our collective health, safety, and economic security. Women’s March Sydney seeks fair and just representation of women locally, nationally, and internationally.

Safety – Every woman has the need and right to feel physically secure, and security for women should be assured through sound legal practices. Women’s March Sydney stands behind the principle that women are not to be held accountable for actions that are outside their control— particularly regarding all forms of assault— and that fair legal action must be applied to prevent these crimes.